Candidate Presentation information

Again, this election year the ICRC will be offering all registered candidates of ICRC communities, an opportunity to produce a free 5 minute video to inform the voters of why they should be elected.
How it works:
Email to express your interest in participating.
Sign up online by following the link you will be sent.
Prepare your 5 minute presentation, practice and bring note cards if you wish.
Arrive early for your scheduled recording in our Sharonville studio.
Share and post your video online with the complimentary Flash Drive you will receive before you walk out the door.  
Up to 5 minutes
You do not have to use the entire 5 minutes. Please practice and time yourself and do not go over 5 minutes. Anything longer than that will likely lose the viewer.
ICRC Channels
All individual recordings will be put together by community, in alphabetical order and played back on an ICRC channel as a complete program. Schedules will be available at the time of studio recording.
Just you and the camera
All candidates will be recorded one at a time in the studio (you may bring in friends and family to quietly support you). No visual aids or any type of music will be allowed. Notes and note cards ARE allowed and encouraged. Multiple “takes” will be allowed if necessary.
URL’s needed ahead of time
Your name and the office for which you are running will be superimposed on the lower portion of the video. If you would like a website included with this you must provide it when signing up online.
The deadline for signing up is 5:00 PM, September 6th. Times for recording will be at various times between 9/11/17 - 9/29/17
The ICRC does not endorse any particular candidate or political party. We invite and encourage all candidates to participate regardless of whether or not they face opposition. Any questions, please call or email.
ICRC Production Staff
Capture Date: 
Friday, August 25, 2017